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  • SINE Kosmos IC

    Kosmos IC -- Flagship Interconnect

    As an interconnect, Kosmos is peerless. It does not only transmit signals, but also all the spirit, the charisma and the emotion carried by the sound.

  • SINE CRYO Power

    S 20A

    This is a powerful upgrade for audiophiles yearning to reach a new level in audio entertainment. As it was launched, it transcended the limits reached by its kind, redefining the power-cleaning market.

  • SINE S 60A Power Conditioner

    SW-2XT(Nano Platinum)

    Flagship Power Socket
    Sound Qualities: Transparent, very quiet background, wide range of dynamics

  • SINE Coliseum II

    Cool solution for Hi-End performance

    SINE CRYO -196°C deep cryogenic treatment has been developed specifically for all audio equipment and consists of computer-controlled.

SINE Cryogenics Treatment
Gateway2 (Nano Platinum)
Flagship Power Conditioner
Cassio PC

A state of the art Clean Power Supplier! It perfects the quality of power, and supplies supremely clean power to your hi-end audio and video systems.

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S 2X
Mini Power Conditioner

An efficient compensation circuit to enhance the flow the electricity, using 12 AWG solid-core copper for the internal wiring

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